Thursday, 3 March 2016


Measurement is focused on comparing lengths of different objects, measuring the length, width and height of a 3D object to find the volume and measuring the length and width to find the area of a shape.

We have learned a lot of new words relating to measurement.

Measurement is fun; finding the area was hard but we now know to multiply the length and the width to find the area of a shape.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

CAR WASH fundraiser

C A R   W A S H 

Saturday 19th September
10am to 2pm at
Avalon Intermediate School
(if wet, event will be cancelled until a later date)

Fundraising for our school camp
$5 per car wash

Please come and support us

Camp Information

  Room 1 & 2 School Camp is in 8 weeks!!

Tuesday 10th November to Friday 13th November
Term 4

at Holdsworth Lodge, Masterson

Cost: $90 per student


To promote our self-confidence skills by participating in a variety of challenging activities.
To learn to get along positively with other people.
To share our ideas with others.
To cooperate together to achieve a common goal.
To speak up about what I am feeling.
To develop our communication and oral skills.
To give new things a go.
To learn how to be a tolerant person.
To problem solve and make good decisions.

To have FUN away from school and home.

Are you ready?

Life Education programme in Weeks 9 & 10

Remember Harold?  The Life Education truck is back at Avalon for the next two weeks.
Room 2 will learn how unique and special we are, how to be comfortable with our identity and how to build up our self esteem.  We will learn how the body system works and how to look after our bodies.
This is the logo for the Life Education programme in 2015.  We are looking forward to learning more about what Moving Up, Moving On means.

Week 9 in Room 2

Ashlyn and Te-Amorangi hosted the school assembly this week.  They were well prepared and represented Room 2 with pride.  Well done girls.

Busy, busy, busy using the laptops to complete math activities in Room 2.

Reading is an important part of learning so we make the most of silent reading time.

Learning from Victoria University experts about computers and how they work was fun.  We even had the chance to send electrical currents through fruit such as a banana, kiwifruit and an orange.  That was weird listening to the high pitch tone when we connected up the fruit.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Hockey Skills Week 8

Room 2 lining up for hockey skills with an expert from Wellington Hockey.

Tluang managed to get past Kristan who was defending him.

Hold the hockey stick firmly with two hands.  Good body 'haka' position Rm 2.

Waiting for the next instruction.  Hit the ball using the flat part of the hockey stick.

Keep your eyes on the ball and bend your knees.  

Hockey skills is fun!

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Room 2 Takes The Plunge

This is Week 6 and we started off with swimming lessons at Stokes Valley Pool.

We were split up into 4 groups dependent on our swimming abilities; Sharks, Killer Whales, Dolphins and Aqua-ducks.

The swimming instructors were awesome, showing us how to streamline our bodies and how to blow bubbles under the water.

We used flutter boards to help us balance and keep afloat when we practised kicking in the water.  We held on to the board with both hands by extending our arms out in front of us.

We swam up and down the lanes to practise kicking, breathing and stroke skills.  It was fun but tiring.


We floated on our backs and used the flutter boards to keep us afloat.  It was hard to stay in a straight line but we managed to follow the instructions.